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Are you ready for a next-generation digital agency experience?

What We Do?

We elevate brands to the top in the digital world with a wide range of services. By combining our creative and technical skills, we aim to maximize your digital presence, establish meaningful interactions with your target audience, and grow your business on online platforms.

/ Web Design

Transforming your digital presence into an unforgettable experience with our web design service that combines visual appeal and functionality.

/ Social Media

Guiding you at every stage, from content creation to analytics, to harness the power of social media to the fullest.

/ Graphic Design

Highlighting the uniqueness of your brand with dazzling graphic designs, ensuring you leave a lasting impression with impressive visuals.

/ Digital Marketing

Strategic digital marketing solutions that help you reach your target audience, expanding your brand to a wider audience and measuring results.


Boosting your brand to the top of search results with SEO strategies that enhance the discoverability power of the internet.


Growing your business on online platforms with effective e-commerce solutions in the digital sales world.

/Mobile Development

Bringing your brand to the fingertips of mobile users with our application development service focused on the needs of mobile users.

/ Influencer Marketing

Enabling you to introduce your products or services to your target audience in a more personal and impactful way through trusted influencer collaborations.

Years experience

Our remote working culture.

As Galata Media, we proudly announce that all our departments have transitioned to a remote working model to manage our operations efficiently and provide flexibility. With our collaborative approach, communication tools, and robust infrastructure, we can work together as a team even from remote locations.

This approach aims to provide us with increased creativity, productivity, and agility, intending to deliver the best service to both our team and clients. Working remotely, we take pride in being in closer collaboration than ever before, and we are delighted to contribute to the achievement of our brands' goals.

Our Brands

We create custom strategies based on the goals of our brands and strive to make a positive contribution to the growth of every brand we serve in the midst of intense competition.