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Galata Media, founded in the year 2018, set out with the goal of becoming a pioneering and innovative brand in the digital world. As of 2022, we proudly embrace the name Galata Media, experiencing the pride of sharing our creative vision with a broader audience.

In this journey of ours, amidst the rapidly changing landscape of digital media, we strive to respond to the escalating digital demands of brands. Our aim is to propel them towards digital success and bring them together with unique communication strategies.

Each project carries its own uniqueness. When it comes to web design, we blend aesthetics and functionality, speaking the language of your target audience in social media management. In our graphic design projects, we visualize your brand's story, and through our digital marketing strategies, we guide your growth with a data-driven approach. We ensure your presence at the top of search results with SEO, and with mobile development, we bring your brand to the fingertips of your users. In e-commerce, we take your business to online platforms, and through influencer marketing, we connect your brand with sincere and trustworthy faces.

Our goal is to assist brands in telling their stories in the digital world in the best possible way and provide effective solutions. We are here to write success stories together with you and leave lasting marks in the digital world.

With an open-minded team, join us on the journey towards a brighter digital future.

Why Galata Media?

How We Do It?

In our web design projects, we create user-friendly interfaces by employing modern design approaches and enhance functionality with the latest web technologies.

In our e-commerce solutions, we strengthen your online sales platform with designs that enhance user experience and integrated payment systems.

In social media management, we create content strategies tailored to your target audience, producing powerful visuals and content to increase engagement.

In our graphic design projects, we prioritize aesthetics and uniqueness, strengthening your brand's visual identity and harnessing the power of design.

In our SEO strategies, we make technical and content improvements to ensure your presence at the top of search engine rankings, enhancing your organic visibility.

In our digital marketing solutions, we highlight your brand on digital platforms with data-focused strategies, optimizing advertising campaigns for maximum effectiveness.

In our influencer marketing strategies, we establish collaborations with trustworthy and relevant influencers, delivering effective and genuine messages to your target audience.

Awards & Achievements

2023 - Ranked 3rd Best Digital Agency

We were selected as the 3rd best digital agency in our field by Martech Outlook Europe Magazine.

x2 Site of the Day

x2 Site of the Week

x3 Honorable Mention

x2 Collection

We proudly contribute to brands standing out and achieving success in the digital world as an award-winning digital agency.

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